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BookDictionary on iPhone/iPod Touch



  • iPhone or iPod Touch with Version 3.0 or later.
  • Wi-Fi is required for uploading.
  • A computer with FTP Client(Transmit ,FileZilla, Cyberduck) is required for uploading.

How to upload books and dictionaries?

1. Before uploading, please make sure you have Wi-Fi connection for your iPhone/iPod Touch.

2. After the ftp server is launched, you can see an URL in the page like "ftp://xxx.xxx.xxx:12345".

3. In your desktop machine (PC or Mac), launch your ftp client (Transmit ,FileZilla, Cyberduck). Type the URL shown on the page into.There is no userid or password required.

4. Copy or Drag books to [Books] folder, or Dictionaries to [Dicts] folder.

5. If the dictionary file is compressed, you need uncompress it first. Then copy or drag the whole folder to [Dicts] folder to install the dictionary.

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How to read and search

1. Touch the page left or right to goto previous or next. Touch the middle will change between normal-screen and full-screen model.

2. For searching, first select the word you want to search.

3. Then, press the search button on the bottom toolbar.

4. If the word can be found in dictionaies which is on ,it will auto direct to the detail page.

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*Which ftp client can be used ?

we tested Transmit ,FileZilla, Cyberduck can be used. you can also find some help at diddyftpserver

*Where can I download the stardict’s dictionary?

you can download form stardict website for free. Look at here

*Where can I get support if I have more questions?

you can mail to iphone3.0@live.com for support or go to the blog:http://iphone3.spaces.live.com

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Copyright © 2009 – 2010, kawaritsu.ryuu

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About BookDictionary への2件のフィードバック

  1. 卫东 より:

    我的设备 ipod touch,不支持中文名文件夹,在非凡下载的电子书格式不认识,需要转换。希望改进。

  2. yuxiao より:

    Can I download TXT files from PC but not via internet ,and how please?



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